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Online Business Listings Management Services for Small Businesses

Local consumers search for products and services within many different online channels. Local SEO manages and optimizes your business listings on 60+ online directories so you appeal to those who need your products or services

Business Listings -> The Problem

On average most businesses are only represented in about 8 of these channels which limits their digital presence and visibility to be found by new and potential customers. Out of these 8 channels, over 90% of these businesses have inaccurate or incomplete business and location information which can negatively affect their digital presence and relevancy.

Business Listings -> The Solution

Business Listing is a key part in having a competitive and local digital presence for your business and or its location. Local Business listings and local directories allow your business to be in additional consumer channels to be found and discovered for your services or products that you offer. Consumers search in several different channels for services, products, types of food, and restaurants. Being visible in the 60+ most prominent business listings, directories, apps, maps, social platforms and search engines gives your business the ability to be in front of new and potential customers separate from your website.

Business Listings -> What We Do

Local SEO will suppress, fix, claim, verify, create, update, optimize, enhance, sync, lock and manage your 60+ business listings giving your business the opportunity to be found and in front of new and potential customers searching for the services or products that your business offers.

Local SEO -> Local Business Listings

Local Business Listings is just one part of the Local SEO product, simply providing one individual digital service will not give your business the best opportunity for success, Local SEO the product combines the most important digital aspects and services including local business listings into one digital product that all work together, giving your business the best opportunity for increases in performance and in results.

Business Listings Benefits

How Business Listings can help your business grow

Being visible 60+ Additional marketplaces

Increase in Your Local Visibility

Increase Relevancy in Search Engines

Increase in Traffic to your website

Increase in Phone Calls and Leads

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