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Custom Website: Affordable Website Design & Development for Small Businesses

Local SEO creates a custom website that puts your best foot forward. Having a functional, efficient, and professional looking website that provides a great user experience is crucial in winning new customers.

Make Your Website Your Best Sales Tool

In the digital world we all live in, it is imperative that your business is represented correctly online for potential and existing customers. Your website is the most important source of information about your business. Simply having a website is not enough anymore. You must provide the visitor with a great user experience, including not just the answers and information they seek, but in a timely, efficient manner. Local SEO is focused on delivering websites that are not only efficient, but ultimately become your business’ best sales tool.

Consumers Turn to Google, Google Turns to Your Website

Outside of user experience, website efficiency has become a major factor for search engines in determining website search results. Search engines, like Google, want to provide their users with the best functioning, efficient websites. In addition, search engines look at other website components to understand relevance. Local SEO puts a priority on how search engines read and understand your business website, ensuring both efficiency and relevance for everything you provide, leading to more customers.

Custom Website -> The Problem

All websites are not built or treated equal, most small business websites are built for you to send potential customers to it and are not built for new customers to find you. Most templated websites, website builders, do it yourself websites, free websites or website companies that do not use WordPress websites typically are built for you to send customers to it and are not built for customers to find your business for the products or services that your business offers. This is the classic case of your website not working for you but you working for your website. Typically, these types of websites rank poorly or do not rank at all in the search engines which will cause your business not to be found or not be competitive in the search engines which will cause loss in new and potential customers to your competition. As a business owner it’s important for your business and your website to not only engage in current customers, or customers that your teams are working on but to attract new customers searching for your products or services that your business offers.

Custom Website -> The Solution

When it comes to designing a website, there is more to it than just the way it looks. A website is your digital vehicle to your digital presence, and it needs to be able to accomplish a few different things. The first thing is getting out the information in which the consumers is looking for; being able to understand what your business offers through its service and or products. The second thing is consumer interaction and user experience; being able to convert traffic into customers. The third is designing a website with a good foundation and good site structure; being able to be visible and communicate with the search engines (SEO Friendly). The fourth is the optimization of your website to be able to be competitive in the local search results; being able to get the traffic (Local SEO). All four of things play in a huge role in being successful online, just having a website is not enough. Having a website that is designed with these four things will not only get you a great looking website, but a website that is built to perform and get your business in front of more people searching for the services and products that’s your business offers.

Custom Website -> What We Do

Based on your industry, location, locations, services, service areas and or products, Local SEO will create a custom WordPress website that is responsive, functional, efficient, actionable, professional looking and one that provides a great user experience giving your website and business the best opportunity to be successful online.

Local SEO -> Custom Website

A Custom Website is just one part of the Local SEO product, simply providing one individual digital service will not give your business the best opportunity for success, Local SEO the product combines the most important digital aspects and services including a Custom Website into one digital product that all work together, giving your business the best opportunity for increases in performance and in results.

Custom Website Benefits

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